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Cocoon meaning Home

Hi there, this is Tara writing this and welcome to my home and the centralised place where I share tips I use in my home. I've been told that the expression cocoon is a literal translation from French. A cocoon is a space where one is protected, grows and metamorphoses, I see the home in the same way.
By setting up your home with intention, it'll do just that for you.

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Tara Barot

14, that's how many times I've moved from when I was 9 to 23 years old. I've moved a few more times since then, but the rhythm has calmed down from the once a year pattern. I've learned to settle in a place fast.
Now it natural for me, people tell me they are moving I'm excited for them. new layouts, ideas, routines and options to make a space just for you.
Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? What do you want to do in that space?
From my toilet brush, to the mattress I sleep on, from the clothes I wear to the cookery I use to eat, I choose with intention what I bring into my home and what I leave out.
I want all the part of my home to make me smile, and yes even the toilet brush!

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